Why is it important for gaining Hands-on Learning Skills?

In a world full of globalization and modernization every field is growing rapidly.

Not just new solutions, but also new problems are raising and solutions to those problems have become hard to find and thinking that there will be a solution on the internet is an illusion.

Primitive techniques have lost their value, advancements are happening in every field but did we realise that why the present generation has stopped being creative and deliberately choosing to do the same improvement over and over again.

Is it because creative content has become diminished in our children? Can it be said that our children have dwelled in the materialistic and conservative style of living? Or can we say that our children have adjusted themselves to this modern lifestyle and have become so comfortable that they do not want to think out of the box?

In the present scenario, children are hyperactive but less outgoing. Children are really smart and intelligent but what is stopping them from using their intelligence?

It is quite painful to not be able to spend quality time with our children and even agonizing when they refuse to engage in our conversations.

The main question here is ‘Who is to be blamed for this atrocious change in our children?’

Why do children drown themselves playing with these electronic gadgets?

Due to the heavy usage of these gadgets by a point of time children lose their creativity, problem-solving skills, even empathy.

Why do our children lose the ability to be empathetic? Because once your child has found comfort in the survival of the internet, he/she would communicate through new media and preferably spend more time being attached to it rather than making an effort notice other’s emotions.

When something of that sort has emerged our children, they find it difficult to face confrontations, to be outspoken, advocate themselves in social gathering and that furthermore leaves an effect in the later stages of our children’s lives as they lose their ability to be communicative.

It is indeed a great loss to dodge the capability of being communicative; it automatically drives children to focus on gaining marks and not knowledge, gaining degrees and not skills and gaining followers and not friends.

The materialistic thinking ruins a lot of purposeful lives, puts children in a place where; when they become adults they thrive for positions and rewards but not do things for the experiences, and later neglect health and only focus on wealth.

To this, we truly need a remedy where our children understand the importance of gaining skills; the importance of participation; the importance of being empathetic and communicative.

As it is said earlier, not every solution will be up there on the internet, it is important to survive in the real and not adjust to the virtual life, and to be able to survive real-world children need to have problem-solving thinking.

Sometimes due to the lack, these skills children tend to collect unhealthy habits and voluntarily chose a hostile environment.

So, to these entire inevitable problems, it is important to train our children right from a very young age.

Thankfully, there is a solution named S.T.E.M toy. The abbreviation of S.T.E.M is science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Yes, some toys promote gaining knowledge in these subjects.

And why is this S.T.E.M toy a solution? Because when our little ones are introduced to play with these toys, unquestionably they start to develop their problem-solving skills.

Our children start to engage in conversations with us by talking to us about all the new fascinating things our little ones learn while playing with these toys; which indeed helps them in being more communicative and gain hand-on learning skills; which in turn enhance their problem-solving thinking increasing their grasping power and providing to be more creative.

Lastly, they furnish us with pleasure and aid in moulding our children to be great adults.

Engage Your Kid At Home

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