Teaching your playful kid proper etiquette a point at issue?

Parenthood is bliss. Our children are the major source of our happiness, conceivably “The apple of our eye!”

The very first movement we see our baby come on to the world there is pure joy and amusement spreading through our heart!

They’re very first words, the first “Dad! Mom!” is an unforgettable memory and just reliving those moments makes our heart skip a beat. But as our kids keep growing there are responsibilities and sometimes parenting gets difficult, and every child is different; every house is different and will have to pay attention to every little thing our child does.

When you have a day job and an enthusiastic child at home, it is inevitably hard to make them sit down and teach propriety.

Our parenting takes a major role in society and our kid’s life and we do not want to fail as parents, by all means.

As parents/ guardians teaching our kid social etiquette and healthy manners is an essential duty because our child’s behaviour defines our parenting skills but when you have a fixed hour, it is undeniably difficult to spare a lot of time in grooming our little ones.

Managing our careers and fabricating their career is undoubtedly the most challenging job ever to be found on earth.

Sometimes is difficult to talk to them about not whining in situations where you cannot pay attention to them and bound to handle a lot stresses, for example when you are holding your little one’s hand while crossing the road and they whine about a popcorn packet instead of watching their step in that heavy traffic is an aggravating situation to handle and you want them to listen to you in that situation and to that you involuntarily yell at your little one which unconsciously makes them feel rejected and it is hard to explain to our kid that is not what you meant.

It is a must let our dearest little children understand that throwing temper tantrums in public places/relatives circle or be it at any social gathering or home is not correct behaviour without hurting their emotions and as parents when we ignore their feelings/reasons to their tantrums make them feel rejected, and would it not be nice to have a solution or a quick easy fix?

Being a parent it is important to understand and listen to our children and analyse why and how our children react the way they react.

A huge headache is when our children start disrespectful behaviour at schools or any gatherings, and especially when they lie about it to us it makes are feel agonized, does it not? How do we talk to them/shape them into honest and chivalrous adults?

We should let our children understand that it is important for them to communicate and understand us at particular situations, and how do we carve them into being able to talk to us and communicate about how they feel?
To this entire peculiar situation, we would want is a simpler remedy to this sweet little problem in our busy schedule.

Don’t we need something that will push them to be communicative and understanding of our emotions/ situations too?

What can we do? What should we opt for?

A solution pushes children to be better without reminding them that so and so is a bad habit in particular.

A fix where they understand the importance of what we have been telling them all this while, perhaps?

What if there was a fun added to it?

Imaginably a snake and ladder game?

Every time our kid follows a good habit or ends with a clean place he/she gets to climb the ladder!

It would be an absolute thrill to children and would bring in interest to always maintain the discipline to climb the ladder and reach the final destination, not only they follow good habits but also consciously/subconsciously wouldn’t want to cause any problem to the other person.

Would it not be a relief to know that one fun game could push our children to be courteous on their own? Personally, to me it is!

A non-stressful method with putting in less effort but also bringing in the best outcome in your little one is what a parent might want.

In the present scenario, all kids are hyperactive, they have fantastic grasping power and shaping them is a duty to every parent.

Children learn fast and learn whatever is thought or shown to them, but moulding them in a way they be admirable despite having an atmosphere where it is mostly projected in a way to do the wrong thing is called great parenting, and having a sweet-simple technique to help you be a better parent is presumably a better choice.

At the end watching our sweet little children turn into great adults who everyone admires is pure pride and greatest gift parenting/parenthood would give us.

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