Quality Improvement Program in Mathematics at West Sikkim district

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-Elizabeth Warren

The Butterfly Edufields collaborated program – ‘Quality Improvement Program (QIP) in Mathematics’ was conducted under the initiation and vision of the West Sikkim District Magistrate Mr Karma R Bonpo (IAS) from 16th Sept to 22nd Sept. The program was aimed to lay strong foundations in the Mathematics subject as some learning gaps were found. This may help learners in their future/higher studies or any other STEM fields in the future with the help of Teaching Learning Materials (TLM’s) and DIY learning activities. The program was conducted in two different sessions at two different schools – Geyzing Girls Senior Secondary School in Geyzing of West Sikkim district and at Chakung Government Senior Secondary School in Chakung of West Sikkim district. The program was implemented in two different phases at each school : Phase 1 – Teacher orientation on TLM’s by Butterfly teacher trainers and Phase 2 – Practical implementation of the TLM’s in classroom scenario by coupling teachers to the group of students with Butterfly trainer moderation.

At Geyzing Girls Senior Secondary School

On 17th Sept 2019, the first session of the program was at Geyzing Girls’ Senior Secondary school which was attended by 87 teachers of 90 different government schools. The first phase of the program started with the orientation of subject teachers about Mathematics TLM kits of Butterfly by our Butterfly trainers. On 18th Sept, the second phase started with Mr Karma R Bonpo inspecting the practical implementation of DIY Butterfly TLM’s in classrooms across 140 students of Geyzing Senior Secondary School at Geyzing with the help subject teachers as facilitators to learners with minimal moderation by Butterfly trainers. The attendees – Teachers and Learners in the program were excited by our demos of different activities and were keener to learn the subject in a more fun way.

At Chakung Government Senior Secondary School

After the program at Geyzing School, on 19th Sept 2019, the second session of the program was started at Chakung government Senior Secondary school at Chakung of West Sikkim district. The session was attended by 114 teachers from 112 different government schools of West Sikkim district. The program was again divided into two phases as Teacher orientation to 114 subject teachers about Butterfly TLM Kits in phase one and second phase, 82 learners of Chakung Government Senior Secondary school were engaged in the process of practical implementation of the TLM kits in the classroom with the help of teachers as facilitators to the learners and butterfly trainers as moderates in the classrooms.

The program was appreciated by all teachers and students, and they were enthusiastic to implement Experiential learning in their respective schools in the subject of Mathematics. The program was also attended by other dignitaries like Assistant DEO of West Sikkim, Ms Iden, who appreciated the efforts of Buuterfly trainers and students and teachers for their zeal in learning and teaching subject. They could realise the effectiveness of hands-on learning materials in learning abstract subjects.

To Conduct Such Experiential Hands Learning program in your locality

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