Work & Energy | Physics Project | Science Project Kits | For 13+ year old


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Make a trebuchet to understand:
  • Factors effecting gravitational potential energy possessed by an object due to its position
  • Factors effecting elastic potential energy possessed by an object as a result of deformation
  • Potential and kinetic energy and their inter-conversion.
  • Law of conservation of energy


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Did you that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed? It can only be converted from one form to another.

Have you heard about trebuchet launcher? It is a machine used by the ancients during wars. This kit will teach you the concepts of work & energy with a DIY model of trebuchet launcher.

You wonder how? Then you must grab this kit to know more!

What’s Inside:

  • DIY Materials: Materials to build working models.
  • Activity Book that includes:
  • Colorful illustrations to guide a child through model making process.
  • Observation questions that help develop important critical skills like” attention to right detail” thereby developing scientific temper.
  • Exercise questions to test your child’s understanding of the concepts.
  • Concept map -Entire topic summarized in one page with pictorial representations.


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