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Wind, Storms and Cyclones



• Make a wind vane, anemometer & a wind sock and understand:
→How to calculate the speed of the wind.
→How to know the direction of the wind.
• Make a spray gun to understand Bernoulli’s principle – high speed winds cause low pressure.
• Understand the categorization of wind storms – Beaufort’s scale.

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Learning Objectives:
1. Bernoulli’s principle
2. Wind, calculation of wind speed
3. Identification of direction of wind
4. Building instruments which are used in meteorological departments and airports
5. Cyclones and its categories
6. Real life knowledge and application of concept.

Kit components:
1. 30 different, safe and processed raw materials to build working and exciting models.
2. A project cum activity work book which comprises of detailed and colourful model building steps which can be easily understood by your child.
3. Observations questions which make your child concentrate observe and experience the concept.
4. Real life application scenarios of all the concepts leant during the activity.
5. Exercise questions to test the understanding of the concept and development of higher order thinking skills.

How does it help?
1. By making a water sprayer your child understands that a fast moving air (wind) creates a low pressure and high pressure regions.
2. By building an anemometer he/she can measure and calculate the wind speed at their location.
3. By making a wind vane and wind sock , your child can determine the direction of wind flow.
4. Your child understands the concept better and will successfully relate the concept learnt to the real life scenarios and applications like meteorological department and airports.


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