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Science Adventure Box | Sub Juniors (For 5-9 year old) | Science Project Kits


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This box contains 5 super exciting projects:

  • DIY: Air properties through shooting car
  • DIY: Home made Vacuum Cleaner
  • DIY: How to make a Mini Projector
  • DIY: Rain Water Harvesting Project
  • DIY: Mini Windmill

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Summer is here!

The heat may scorch, humidity may soar, classrooms may be empty and classmates may meet lesser frequently – but nothing can stop imagination! With our Science Adventure Box, we assure to keep the gears of your imagination constantly churning out new ideas that are not just fun, but are even educative!


For all children between the ages of 5 and 9, this box is a bundle of fun consisting of the following five activities:

  • DIY: Air properties through shooting car: Bring your favorite shooter video games to life! With our enjoyable Shooting Car, you will be able to play all day whilst even learning the important properties of air!
  • DIY: Homemade Vacuum Cleaner: Bharat ko swacch banaao! With our uber-cool vacuum cleaner, bring out the budding innovator and creator in you, while understanding the basic concepts of our favorite household item!
  • DIY: Energy from Wind: Hawa aane de! Create a windmill using the apparatus of a battery, a handy stand and a fan! With energy massively depleting and renewable sources of energy being the need of the hour, it is crucial for us to know the significance of energy in today’s society and its impacts on us!
  • DIY: How to make a Mini-Projector: Picture abhi baaki hai! We all, by default, love projectors. But how do they work? With this activity, we address the very question by creating one yourselves!
  • DIY: Rainwater Harvesting Project: Do your part in saving water, and do it at home! Equip yourself with the know-how and material to create your own fun-filled rainwater harvester!

Beat 2016’s heat with a healthy dose of knowledge, interactive fun, and experiential learning!


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