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Science Adventure Box | Juniors (For 9-13 year olds) | Science Project Kits


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This box contains 5 super exciting projects:

  • DIY: Make Hydraulic Jack & Shooter
  • DIY: Magnetic Levitation Project
  • DIY: Electromagnetic JCB Truck
  • DIY: Make Hydraulic Brake
  • DIY: Junior Electricity Kit
Have doubts regarding this product

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Summer is always fun!

With video games, sports, board games and hours of chatter awaiting every summer, let us add an educational twist to 2016’s arriving summer vacations! With our Summer Junior Kit, we assure hours of fun and frolic with healthy doses of knowledge, education and experiences!

For all kids between the ages of 9 and 13, this kit consists of the following five Do-It- Yourself activities:

  • DIY: The Electromagnetic JCB Truck: Make Bob the Builder proud! By welcoming the real-life electromagnetic truck and an overload of enjoyment and education, the truck applies electromagnetism to its ability to attract anything metallic or magnetic along its way!
  • DIY: Magnetic Levitation Project: Who doesn’t love bullet trains? But did you know the super-fast bullet trains run on a property known as magnetic levitation – now you can implement this super cool property to make a pencil levitate and rotate endlessly mid-air with this project!
  • The DIY Hydraulic Brake kit: Swerve, bend, jerk, drift! Without car brakes, our favorite Fast and Furious movies would never have happened! But how do car brakes work? They use water and a little bit of the magic of science, of course! With this kit, have fun putting together an apparatus to create their very own household hydraulic brake!
  • DIY: Hydraulic Jack and Shooter: Challenge Bollywood’s action! Make your own Shooter and hydraulic jack, along with the promise of hours of fun while learning about the properties of air and water!
  • The DIY Junior Electricity Kit: Dimaag ki batti jala de! With this kit, learn in detail about the various components of an electrical circuit: a switch, a bulb, a battery and connecting wire!

The Summer Junior Kit guarantees that you beat 2016’s heat with heavy helpings of knowledge, interactive fun, and experiential learning!


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