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Physical Sciences Concept Map Book for IIT, JEE Main & Advanced



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1. Easier to read & revise with bigger sized maps
2. Make your own notes for each map

Covers all topics in JEE Main Syllabus for Physics & Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry)

  • Revise like never before!
  • One topic in just one concept map
  • Coloured themes grasp better
Have doubts regarding this product

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Covers all topics in  Physics & Chemistry syllabus for JEE (MAIN), BITSAT, VITEE, KCET, MHCET, EAMCET, MP PET, GUJCET, AIPMT, JIPMER, AFMC & BOARD EXAMS.
Topic List
1 Stereochemistry Sodium & potassium Atomic structure
2 Alkanes (paraffins) CnH2n+2 Boron & aluminium Nuclear chemistry
3 Alkenes (olefins) Magnesium & calcium Gaseous state
4 Alkynes Carbon & silicon Solid state
5 Arenes Nitrogen & phosphorus Thermodynamics
6 Alkyl halides Oxygen & sulphur Solutions
7 Halo arenes Halogens Chemical kinetics
8 Alcohols Tin, lead & silver Ionic equilibrium
9 Phenols Qualitative analysis Surface chemistry
10 Ethers Coordination compounds Electro chemistry
11 Amino acids and peptides Iron, copper & zinc
12 Carbonyl compounds- i & ii
13 Carboxylic acids
14 Amiens
15 Basicity  of amine
16 Acidity of carboxylic acids
17 Carbohydrates
18 Polymer chemistry
1 Kinematics
2 Projectile motion
3 Circular motion
4 Vectors
5 Force newton’s laws
6 Work power energy
7 Center of mass
8 Law of conservation of momentum
9 Gravitation
10 Rotational motion
11 Simple harmonic motion
12 Properties of matter and fluid mechanics
13 Thermometer
14 First law of thermodynamics
15 Waves and sound
16 Second law of thermodynamics
17 Ray optics
18 Physical (wave) optics
19 Electrostatics
20 Current electricity
21 Thermal and magnetic effects of electric current
22 Em induction and ac circuits
23 Atomic physics
24 Nuclear physics
25 Em waves & communication devices
26 Semi conductor devices


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