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Motion and time | Physics Project | Science Project Kits | For 11+ year old


Make a simple pendulum set with provision for adjusting the length of the pendulum to understand:
  • Time period of a simple pendulum and how to calculate it
  • Dependence of time period on various factor (mass of the bob, length of the pendulum etc)
  • Make an air propelling bazooka car to calculate speed of a moving object. Generate data to plot the distance-time graph by playing a game.
  • Make a sundial and understand the working of one of the oldest known time devices.


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Did you know that ancients calculated time by position of the sun? Ancient Greeks were the first to invent a Sundial!

Do you know how simple pendulum came into picture? The Italian scientist Galileo first noted (c. 1583) the constancy of a pendulum’s period by comparing the movement of a swinging lamp in a Pisa cathedral with his pulse rate. The Dutch mathematician and scientist Christian Huygens invented a clock controlled by the motion of a pendulum in 1656.

With fun activities let’s learn about Motion and Time!

What’s Inside:

  • DIY Materials: Materials to build working models.
  • Activity Book that includes:
  • Colorful illustrations to guide a child through model making process.
  • Observation questions that help develop important critical skills like” attention to right detail” thereby developing scientific temper.
  • Exercise questions to test your child’s understanding of the concepts.
  • Concept map -Entire topic summarized in one page with pictorial representations.



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