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Maker Kit | 9 Month Subscription Plan For 11 to 13 Year Olds | Science Project Kits


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What you get?

Theme-wise Hands-on Experiments designed around 9 fundamental Science Concepts:

  1. Electricity & Magnetism
  2. Light – Camera, Periscope & Lenses
  3. Force & Energy
  4. Junior Chemistry Mystery
  5. Sound
  6. Plant & Animal Fibres
  7. Senior Chemistry Mystery
  8. Force & laws of motion and Work & energy
  9. Electricity: Series & Parallel and Magnetic effects of electric current -DC Motor
Have doubts regarding this product


Month-1: Electricity & Magnetism

Fun with magnets:
Test materials and categorize them into magnetic and non-magnetic material

Make a magnet float in air & understand poles of a magnet & their behavior

Make a pencil levitation model to understand:
• Poles of a ring & solid magnets
• Application of magnets in real life – Maglev trains.

Make a Magneto Tracer that traces a metallic object using magnetic induction

Electric current & its effects:
Make an electromagnetic crane to understand:
• Magnetic effects of Electric current – Electromagnetism
• Real life applications of Electromagnetism
• Dependence of electromagnetic strength on number of turns, batteries, material used as core.

Make a simple electric circuit using Nichorme wire to understand about heating effects of electric current.

Month-2: Light & its properties

Light – Image & object:
Make a model to understand the properties of convex and concave mirrors – Diverging and Converging.

Make a model to understand the properties of image formed by a plane mirror.

Make a ray optics set up to learn and understand what is an object, image and screen

How to capture an image on the screen using a biconvex lens?

Make different colours (secondary and tertiary) using primary colours.

Light, shadows & reflection:
Make a pinhole camera to understand about:
• rectilinear propagation of light
• formation of an image on the screen when light passes through a pin hole

Make a projector to differentiate opaque, transparent and translucent objects by passing light through them.

Make a periscope to see how submarines use reflection through mirrors to view objects that are above the sea level.

Month-3: Force & Energy

Force, pressure & area:
Make a hydraulic jack and projectile launcher to understand:
• Relation between force, pressure and area – Pascal’s law
• Force transmission in fluids (liquids and gases)
• Basics of projectile motion

Make a hydraulic disc brake system & understand its working

Make a friction feed model to see how rollers in printers work to move the paper

Use lubricants (grease, powder) to see how they reduce friction between surfaces

Learn how ball bearings reduce friction by converting sliding friction to rolling friction

Month-4: Junior Chemisty Mystery

Chemical effects of electric current:
Make a miniature electroplating unit to see:
• copper deposition on iron nail
• Real life application of electroplating.

Acids, bases & salts;Physical & chemical changes:
Make your own mini chemistry lab and perform tests for:
• Understanding physical change and chemical changes
• Understanding Acids and Bases and ways to identify them.
• Understand the function of an indicator and finding the strength of acids and bases by performing titration

Month-5: Sound

Sound – Vibrations:
Make a sound instrument – musical balloon – and a vibration detector to understand:
• Difference between frequency and amplitude
• How to change frequency and amplitude of sound in an instrument.

Make a toy telephone to understand how sound travels through solids

Sound – Frequency & amplitude:
Make a wave generator to understand:
• Characteristics of sound wave – frequency, wavelength, amplitude
• Relation between frequency and wavelength

Pressure & density in a sound wave

Propagation of a sound wave through a medium as a longitudinal wave

Month-6: Plant & Animal Fibres

Fibre to Fabric – Animal fibres:
Play a game to understand different processes involved in the extraction of wool (from sheep to wool)

Make a silk extractor to understand the process of silk extraction from artificial cocoons

Fibre to fabric – Plant fibres:
Unweave a cloth to understand its weaving pattern
Make yarn from fibre by hand
Make your own yarn spinning machine & understand advantages of spinning and twisting

Month-7: Senior Chemistry Mystery

Separation of substances:
Make your own multi level assembly – to separate a given mixture to understand:
• Need for different ways of separating mixtures based on their physical properties
• Different separation methods: Hand-picking, Sieving, Winnowing, Sedimentation, Decantation, Filtration & Evaporation.

Is matter around us pure?:
Make different mixtures & classify them into solutions, colloids & suspensions by passing light through them

Make a colloidal solution by mixing oil and water using emulsification process

Make different models (centrifuge, chromatograph) to understand:
• Different methods of separation of mixtures

Month-8 & 9: Coming soon – Two more exciting themes…


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