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Heredity and evolution | Biology Project | Science Project Kits | For 14+ year olds



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Make a model of the human eye to understand:

  • Structure of the human eye
  • How images are formed in the human eye?
  • Different parts of the eye Make a model of a defective eye with hypermetropia to understand:
  • The difference in image formed
  • The defect and its correction using an convex lens Make an adjustable lens to understand how our eye lens works Different types of cataract, their cause and cure
Have doubts regarding this product

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We all find some similarities with our parents in both physical appearances and behaviour. Do you know the reason why? Because we share their genes!

You need understand the pattern of inheritance too see how genes carrying particular trait transfers from parents to offspring.

Genetics also helps us understand how certain disorders or diseases are inherited.

Do you know that we have 23 pairs of chromosomes, one set of 23 comes from mother and the other set comes from father? What’s more interesting is, each of these chromosomes have genes of particular character and contribute to inheritance of particular trait from your parents.

Do you know who Charles Darwin is? He is the one who proposed natural selection and gave a huge contribution to the field of evolutionary studies.

Through a game, this kit will help you understand what is natural selection and survival of the fittest.

What’s Inside

  • DIY Materials:
  • Activity Book that includes:
  • Colourful illustrations to guide a child through model making process.
  • Observation questions that help develop important critical skills like” attention to right detail” thereby developing scientific temper.
  • Exercise questions to test your child’s understanding of the concepts.
  • Concept map -Entire topic summarised in one page with pictorial representations.

Instruction Video:


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Use 45000 points to purchase this product!
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