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Fractions – Comparing & Adding like fractions | Math Project | Math Project Kits | For 8+ year olds



A fraction is considered as a part of the whole. Let’s consider an example: When you share a 4 sliced pizza between two people equally, then each of you takes 2 slices each right? Here 2 out 4 slices is simply a fraction 2/4! On simplification it becomes ½ i.e. half of the pizza has been taken by each of you. If the same pizza was to be shared between 4 people, then each of you would have taken only 1 slice each. That is, 1 slice out of 4 slices per person with is again a fraction ¼ (called quarter).

With this fun and exciting DIY kit let’s explore fractions, its types and its representations using the circular fraction kit!

Suggested age – For 8+ year olds

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Did you know that pi is actually an irrational number? The fraction 22/7 is just a convenient approximation which is close to the value of pi. Fractions have been used by Egyptians from as early as 1800 BC, that’s nearly 4500 years ago!

Learn all about fractions with 8 amazing activities!

What’s Inside

  • DIY Materials: Child friendly materials to build working models and conduct activities
  • Activity Book that includes:
  • Colourful illustrations to guide a child through model making process.
  • Observation questions that help develop important critical skills like” attention to right detail” thereby developing scientific temper.
  • Exercise questions to test your child’s understanding of the concepts.
  • Concept map – Entire topic summarised in one page with pictorial representations.


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