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Explorer Kit | 6 Month Subscription Plan For 8 to 10 Year Old | Science Project Kits

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6 Innovation Kits delivered across 6 months

What you get?

Theme-wise Hands-on Experiments designed around 6 key Science Concepts:

  1. Light & its mysteries
  2. Our amazing solar system
  3. How stuff works
  4. Simple Machines
  5. All about Seeds
  6. Air & Water


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Month-1: Light & its Mysteries

Make your own Kaleidoscope and understand:
• Symmetry through reflections in mirrors
• How patterns are created by multiple reflections.

Do an exercise using a plane mirror to find lines of symmetry of different shapes

Shadow Projections:
Build a model with a light source, object and screen to understand:
• How shadows are formed?
• Know the effect of changing object distance on size of the shadow formed

Build a model to see how change in angle of light changes the length of the shadow formed

Identify the shape of the object by seeing its shadow

Month-2: Solar System

Natural phenomena – phases of moon:
Make different models to understand:
• Formation of days & night
• Formation of different phases of moon
• Formation of eclipses

Earth is oval!
Make a model of earth, sun and moon to understand difference between rotation and revolution.

Make a model of earth and observe the effect of rotation on it that gives earth an ‘egg’ like shape.

Month-3: How Stuff Works

Air around us – Vacuum Cleaner:
Build the model of a miniature vacuum cleaner to understand:
• Air can push as well as pull things – using fan
• Real life application of properties of air
• Air is present everywhere and lack of it leads to sucking of things.
• Introduction low pressure and high pressure (HOTS)
• Make a mini shooter and a balloon balance to understand that air can exert force and air has weight.

Introduction to force:
Make a parachute to understand:
• Air drag and gravity as forces.
• Relationship between weight of the person and size of the parachute.

Solve a maze puzzle using magnets

Create static charges by rubbing different materials to experience electrostatic force

Do a series of experiments to see effects of a force applied on a object

Month-4: Simple Machines

Simple machines – Levers:
Make class 1 and class 2 levers and understand how they help ease our efforts.

Compare the working of a forcep (class 3 lever) with that of the other 2 to understand the difference in position of load, effort and fulcrum.

Inclined plane, wedge:
Make an inclined plane to lift objects. Observe the reduction in effort when the angles are changed however there is a trade off – can you spot it?

Make a wedge and how it reduces effort. Understand that relation between wedge and inclined plane.

Month-5: All About Seeds

Seed dispersal:
Make models to understand different seed dispersal mechanism – Air – Maple seeds, Animals – Squirrel and hazel nut, drop and roll – passion fruit, Shakers – poppy seeds and hitch hiking.

Plants – Pollination:
Make models and play a game to understand how bees and butterflies help in cross pollination.

Understand self pollination.

Month-6: Air & Water

Hydraulic canon (Air & its properties):
Carry out a series of experiments to understand different properties of air:
• air occupies space & has weight – Balloon balance
• air can push things – Hydraulic canon
• air (oxygen) is needed for combustion – Water candle experiment

Rain water harvesting:
Make houses with different roof tops ( slant and flat) to understand:
• Chanelling mechanisms for flat and slant roofed houses
• Collection pit

Make a water pump to understand the the complete mechanism:
• Collecting rain water (roofs) – Storing ( in a sump) – and then retrieving (using a pump).


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