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Butterflyfields: DIY Multi Level Mixture Separator Assembly, Learn different Separation Techniques based on physical properties of impurities, Chemistry Project Kit, For 10+ year olds | Class 5 & above kids



  • Make your own multi-level assembly – to separate a given mixture to understand:
     * Need for different ways of separating mixtures based on their physical properties
     * Different separation methods: Hand-picking, Sieving, Winnowing, Sedimentation,   Decantation, Filtration & Evaporation.
  • ENABLE 21st CENTURY SKILLS OF INNOVATION & PROBLEM SOLVING through Project Based Learning (PBL) approach.
  • TRIGGER CURIOSITY & IGNITE THE SPARK OF SCIENCE and CREATIVITY in your child. Use questions & real life applications from the enclosed Instruction manual to create & nurture a genuine interest towards world around us. Encourage your child to ask WHY, HOW, WHY NOT, WHAT IF questions during the project building & working activities.
  • IMPROVE ATTENTION SPAN & EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE children keeping them away from Mobile phones, TV & Video games etc..
  • MAKE LEARNING CONCEPTUAL & FUN. Ask your child “How does it work?” and use the “What’s Happening?” section in the instruction manual to discuss the concepts behind the working of each model they made. Provide hands-on experiences for DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF CONCEPTS. Challenge your child with Higher Order Thinking (HOTS) exercises from “Possible Experimentation” section in the instruction manual.
Have doubts regarding this product

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Key Concepts/Learning Objectives:

– Different separation techniques: Hand picking, Sieving, Winnowing, Decantation, Sedimentation, Filtration, Evaporation

Each Project Kit Contains: 
• Materials required to do the activity.
• Colour workbook that includes
a. Detailed instructions to build models
b. Exercises on observations
c. Information about real life applications
d. Concept map for revision
e. Questions that trigger application oriented learning.

Instruction Video:

Benefits from the product:

The way children learn is different from adults. They don’t reach for the manual before operating TV. They learn by doing, by interacting with the world around them. The Butterfly Fields interactive models are designed around how children learn. Butterfly Fields has developed its own ‘Hands-on-Learning’ methodology most suited to the changing educational needs. It has been refined many times over by testing it with those that matter the most – more than 9,00,000 children from 9,000+ schools. It has 6 steps.

Step 1: DISCOVER – The students get to know the properties of each material, that they will use to build the material. This helps relate to the world around them.
Step 2: BUILD – The students build the model using the material with the guidance of the teacher and a story board. This helps develop the skill of ‘hand-mind’ coordination.
Step 3: UNDERSTAND – The students use the model to get a practical understanding of the concept. This process helps them develop analytical thinking abilities.
Step 4: EXPLORE – The students explore different ‘what if’ scenarios using the models. This helps develop creative, imaginative abilities.
Step 5: CONNECT – The students understand how the concept is present in real life. This helps develop skills for practical application.
Step 6: REVISE – The student revises the concept using the concept map.This helps remember the concept for exams and thereafter.


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