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nice projects


Organic part is better but physical and inorganic needs some additional details .


Excellent Projects with explanation

Ranjitha Balakrishna   

I used this approach of brainstorming and mind maps in my engineering and now I am available this to my children, nieces and nephews through the materials of edufields

CH V V Naga Kutumba Rao   

The condition of the book was good much better than I expected.Nice book


Good books for revision


Timely delivery. What we saw what we got. Thanks edufields.


Excellent job by Butterfly Team
A good platform for the children to learn science in a creative way...
My son gets a Very clear idea after doing the experiments in Senior Electricity kit
Quick delivery & Service is also excellent..

Debasmita Mohapatra   

Quick Delivery, good products. Highly recommended.


Testimonial from grade 1 till 5
good Projects.

Your Name*Jothilakshmi   

Good work team Butterfly!!!
All the products that i purchased were loved by my kids and me too..good work team!!!

I may now simply order kits for bday made simpler and educational for kids.

Your Name*swati s   

Worth the Money for the quality-Interactive, Educative and Creative
I had ordered this for my 7yr old nephew as a birthday gift. The delivery was very fast, I placed an order on Monday, it reached on Wednesday, though it says 4-7 working days. Packaging was good. Quality of the product is definitely good for the money paid. Will be looking forward to order some more on your portal. Thank you.

Tejas Badiger   

I had placed an order on Saturday afternoon after 2pm which is after their 1 pm quick delivery cut off time. And I needed it to be delivered latest by Monday to a friend's place in Navi Mumbai for her son's three ceremony on Monday. Guess what???!!! They delivered it on Sunday itself!!! That's what u call customer "Wow"... Thank u for responding so fast to my request. The kit is also very educating and involving. My friend's son loves it and sat with through the weekend.


It was a wonderful experience of butterfly kits superb


very quick delivery. However your site is not user friendly

Payal Patel   



Mother of 8years old boy my son loves these all kits and all packing is also good all parts are easily accessible by kids they don't need help at all procedures are well explained... Thank you for wonderful kits


Mother of 8years old boy my son loves these all kits and all packing is also good all parts are easily accessible by kids they don't need help at all procedures are well explained... Thank you for wonderful kits


Thank you very much. It give a good revision everyday and also to revise before exams


It is useful for last minute decision.


Excellent kit for kids to learn. Probably the age should be higher. Not sure for 9 years. Instructions have some gaps.They need to be corrected. Additional magnets must be provided since there are many experiments in one. It will be better to have more spares. Overall a good initiative and helpful for kids since i did not have in my days. Cost can be lower.

Karthikeyan B   

The book is very good... Very useful for revision. However, there are mistakes in each chapter... Also, the way in which topics are arranged is random. There is no continuum in the arrangement of topics. For example, in the middle of mechanics, suddenly the next chapter is optics and then suddenly it is current electricity....

Would be much much better if errors are fixed.

Very good tool for revision though...


Kits are excellent. Its worth to the price. Students can easily understood the concept with help of activities n manual in the kit.


Its a good book given in map for crash revision, content are good, publishing/styling is excellent but need more in depth contents for preparation for jee. overall its a good book for all


The hydraulic Jack and the Projectile launcher are V.good and the guide is so helpful.


its very good in one sheet a student can revise entire topic. some mathematical expressions to be added in physical chemistry topics. I recommended to my students

Dr. Venkatesh Mutalik   

The service was really good... these books are the most helpful friends during the examination...they help us give a very quick revision in an amazing and intelligent way

Harika Maganti   

Good. Pls think of giving offer for full pack.

Saravanan Velayutham   

Thank you. I got the book. Really good.

I have given the reference to a couple of teachers who are interested to buy the same.
All the best .

dr vag   

Thanks to Butterfly field for creating such nice product. This product help me to revise big chapters within some minutes which save my valuable time.

Aniket Kolkar   

I come to know about this books through one of pace old student and I ordered it for my son. this book was provided by pace in 2008 which helped him a lot , the only difference between his book and my book is now you are not providing topic wise questions in a book.

Parul jhaveri   

My 4.5 yr old son completely loved all the activities in the pack. Thanks team!


Good book to revise before exams, saves time especially for Chemistry where there is lot to remember.

Sarath T   

Its a very good activity for science fairs. My daughter made the model, played and demonstrated it to everyone.

Ravi Chandra   

I learnt elementary shapes. I am happy and excited to know all the new things.

Joshitha, Class 5 Student   

I am glad that my daughter learned about forms of energy by making a model.

Parent of Sindhu, Class 4 Student   

Excellent Experience for Both Children and Parents

Parent of K. Sanohya Thanmayi, Class 4 Student   

Keshav definitely enjoys all the projects that he is involved till date. They also get to explain the projects and the underlying concept. Learning by doing and getting a chance to apply that they learn are both helpful for any child. Thanks for your thoughtfully designed projects.

Parent of Keshav, Class 4 Student   

The activity is really excellent My daughter was explaining those modules to neighboring kids of other schools. I as a parent, am more happy to see my ward explaining others.

Parent of G Meghana Gaargi, Class 4 Student   

Electroplating is coating a cheap metal with costlier metal. Before i always used to think - how can we coat metals. Thanks for giving us this wonderful project.

S Mohamnad Faheem, Class 9 Student   

"A very innovative tools, they are trying to bring out hidden talents from us. I congratulate the team of butterfly fields for this good ideas."

Parent of G Harsha Reddy, Class 8 Student   

My kid loves your activities and I am so happy seeing him play and learn with those. Thank you.

Parent of N Vivek, Class 8 Student   

Three Pot Method activity by Butterfly Fields has helped him understand the filtration process.

Parent of V Navadeep, Class 4 Student   

We are happy that Butterfly Fields is helping my ward to understand concepts & score good marks.

Parent of M Sai Pranav, Class 10 Student   

My ward came to know how the size of shadow changes due to distance between light & object.

Parent of D Vinay Teja, Class 2 Student   

My son knew about how we get water from ground by applying pressure. Thanks.

Parent of G. Sai Saket, Class 2 Student   

Both my kids are showing much interest in butterfly fields activities n it's very useful in learning

Parent of Sathvika, Class 3 Student   

Whenever he is getting the butterfly fields kit, Rishikesh is really excited and after coming to home he is explaining it very enthusiastically, learning by doing in which children understands the concept very easily and they will never feel bored by this way of learning and tons of thanks for the founder of this butterfly kit for taking the science practicals to the next step which is so easy and the exercise inside the book also very much related to the practical life, which makes the child understanding better.

Parent of V.S.Rishikesh, Class 2 Student   

This is really inspiring the kids to think and innovate beyond their imagination.

Parent of Shaik Sameer, Class 4 Student   

Since the time he brought it home totally engrossed in it. He is so much interested. Thanks for such initiative and giving children on hand experience.

Parent of Arjun Vivek Jaitly, Class 6 Student   

"An excellent idea of making things understand better especially maths and physics. ALL THE BEST !!!!!!"

Parent of Md Rizwan, Class 9 Student   

“Such innovative tools mapped to the curriculum, with proper teacher orientation can lessen the burden of teachers & parents and improve effectiveness of student learning.”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President Of India, Missile Man   

“I am extremely impressed with the training profile of students translated onto Scientific Activities. This is for the first time I have ever witnessed such activities.”

DR. Joyce L. Winterton, Head - NASA, Education Office, USA