Learning By Doing Program For Spaces School Students at NIMSME Hyderabad

Nothing Ever becomes REAL till it is EXPERIENCED
-John Keats.

Over 300 students from 30+ SPAES chain schools had attended the workshop – ‘Experiential learning’ held at NIMSME, Hyderabad on 30-Nov-2019. The SPAES Schools are IIT based schools guided by Dr. Chukka Ramaiah (Popularly known as IIT Ramaiah), an Indian Educationist. The workshop was conducted to motivate and inspire top performers of 30+ SPAES chain schools to perform better in their Science and Mathematics studies.

Butterfly Edufields – Specialist in Hands-on learning.
As Butterfly Edufields specializes in Hands-on learning materials, it partnered with SPAES Schools in the workshop along with its 60 projects, covering the entire Science and Maths curriculum across classes 6th to 10th. The activities in Butterfly DIY learning kits could excite children and they were interested to learn more with our learning kits.


“This product (Butterfly Learning kit) is fun and enjoyment when we do activities. I feel chemistry is boring but with this product, I felt it interesting. We can know many activities by this.” –Ram, Student achiever.

“We are feeling so happy because we are learning so many things by this (Butterfly Learning Kits). We want this to be implemented in our school. We are gaining so much knowledge from this.” said E Pallavi, K Nandini of The Space High school from Suryapet.

B Neha(9th Std) from Korutla Public School said, “Today I enjoyed a lot by doing this activity(Butterfly learning kits). I understood how to use algebraic expression in our daily life. Thank you, butterfly.”

“Today I enjoyed a lot because; every day we read the experiments but today we did the experiment. I’ll never forget this experiment in life because I did this experiment with my friends” – Bhavani, Bhargavi, Priyanka, Bhanu and Nageshwari from V.S.R High School shared their feelings.

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