How to introduce ‘Practical Geometry – Constructions real-life application’ in an interesting way?

How do tailors just write numbers and bring your favorite and right fitting shirt? How does your brain can calculate the next right step back to home from school? What makes you park your cycle parallel to your friends’ in the school parking lot? How are you able to tell the directions/addresses of places when someone asks you? We do all those things based on default geometric senses we have on lines and angles which we also learn in Mathematics using some basic tools.

The basic tools used in geometric constructions like lines and angles are – A Compass, Protractor; Set Squares, Divider; and a Ruler (Scale).
When you have default geometric senses, why should you study practical geometry and its applications? Because your default senses of geometry like spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills need continuous upgrade and improvement to cope with the present scenario.

Why do jobs like Astronomer, Forensic artist and Graphic designer are pay more? Because they have to use all their geometric skills to complete their tasks. 

They need skills like Deductive reasoning, analytical reasoning; skills of logic, and problem-solving which are developed through the study of geometry.
How do the chair and table designers make perfect shapes? Think about an armchair with one arm higher the other and with three short legs and one long. Can we sit comfortably on that chair? For the sake of our comfort and pleasure also we need geometry. 

To support our default senses and to gain further benefits of geometry like – whole brain thinking and foundational skills, we can explore more about it by using learning and teaching materials.
Check our hands-on learning activity video glimpses to know more about the ‘Practical Geometry – Constructions/Real-life Application’ and for many more interesting activities.

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