How to introduce ‘Introduction to Data Handling’ in an interesting way?

Statistics is a widely used tool to represent and interpret the data. Statistical tools help us to understand the pile of data at glance. It is also used in many daily life situations to understand the problems and to suggest solutions. One such great example is the true story, on which the movie 21 is based, where the protagonists use the technique of card counting for winning big in Casinos since they must pay their tuition expenses.

What is DATA ?
How could the protagonists in the movie win money? It was possible by keeping tallies of high and low cards; which is the information of next out coming card and it is converted into data (Result) for the next move in the game. So the information obtained is DATA.

Handling data
How could they guess the correct high or low card in the game? They could do so by organising information about cards which they saw. On counting cards, the statistical evidence of high and low cards in the game helps the player to win big by interpreting or analysing the cards remaining in the game. This is the organisation of the data collected for the favourable results.

Why should we collect and organise data?
The protagonists in the movie could achieve and win big amounts because they got the right cards of winning by collecting, organising, and analysing the collected information or data. The purpose of knowing information or collecting data is to find out the results of interest by analysing and interpreting data. As there are many methods of interpreting and presenting data; the popular ones and easy to understand and analyse for common people are Pie chart, Bar graphs and pictographs. The protagonists in the movie could remember the card details through tally bars which are suitable and easy to remember. In the same manner, for representing a large pile of data like Population of a country, Game statistics in Cricket and business there is a need to represent data through many methods, to inform the customers about their services and goods at a glance.

The other uses of statistics
The statistics can help us to improve our conceptual learning skills (learning how to organize information in logical mental structures) as well as our ability to modify complicated information into a simple and understanding way. To get deep mastering and practice of statistical tools like Pictograms, Bargraphs and Pie charts, we can use different Models, Charts and variety of Hands-on learning and teaching materials.

Check our hands-on learning activity video glimpses to know more about the ‘Introduction to Data Handling’ and for many more interesting activities.

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