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How to Create the ‘Spark’ in the Eyes of Students

Seeing the ‘spark’ in the eyes of students can indeed make a teacher’s day and give him/her that satisfaction which is the privilege of good teachers. But, what exactly does ‘spark’ in the eyes of students mean? It’s an expression meaning many things. It means the sense of wonder, inspiration, curiosity, and enthusiasm for learning,

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How to Improve the Content and Pedagogy of Teachers?

First, the teacher has to know – the content. But, it is not enough to just know. You also have to know how to deliver what you know, the content, to the students in an interesting, clear and engaging fashion so that your knowledge and understanding become students’ knowledge and understanding – the pedagogy. Those

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Clear and Shared Vision for Your School

Clear and Shared Vision Everybody knows where they are going and why This topic, “Clear and Shared Vision” came out as one of the Key Highlights shared in the 2018 Conference Series for School Leaders across regions of West, South and Central India on the topic, “What are the Characteristics of High Performing Institutions”. “If

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Are Quality Teachers in Shortage at Your School?

“The primary task of a society is to find a real teacher, one who performs his duty with perfection and dedication and is a perfect moral example for the society.” —Rabindranath Tagore Is the dearth of quality teachers at your school keeping you awake at night? Take heart, we have some suggestions for you to

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