8 things essential to all parents for their child’s development! (Must read)

1. Boosting your child’s creative side!

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought”

– Albert Einstein

Creativity is one of the most marvellous elements a child has!
The benefits of being creative are desirable, no doubt.Children with creative mind grow into adults who are capable of looking at problems from a different point of view and attain all the possible problem-solving skills, not just that but also they do not succumb to the pool of anxiety and stress. No matter what, nobody can disturb their happy zone.

And as a parent, I think surely play a key role in fostering my child’s creative mindset, because undeniably ‘parents are the teachers.’Here are a few ways through which I prefer to help my child’s creativity

  • Praising them for their efforts and not criticizing for their mistakes. For instance, when your children paint but then unintentionally ruin their clothes. Remember that there is no clean child. Children will be messy. So, appreciate the artwork they did, recognise how they choose different colours do make it look beautiful in their style.
  •  A fun storytelling game where you can start by saying one sentence and wait for them to connect to your sentence with their sentence.
  • Ask them fictional ‘if’ questions. For example, what if you have all the powers a superman has, what would you do?When you ask such questions their imagination surprises us and also pushes them to be more imaginative!
  • Play with your child in whatever game they like! Be it role-play or any out game, just play.
  • Let them question you, and if you don’t know the answer, ask them what they think of it and you will still be their heroes no matter you know the answer or you don’t.
  • For example, “Dad, why does a dog have 4 legs?”
    “I don’t know, why do you think they have 4 legs?”
    Trust me; their answers are absolute amusement and fun.
  • Introduce them to puzzles, DIYs or STEM toys that will help their problem-solving skills.

2. Make your child independent!

As a parent to me, my child’s emotional and physical safety is a genuine concern but I worry if unintentionally become overprotective in any way.

I feel that making my children dependent is the cruellest thing I could do to them because as long as they are living under my shield they will solve a problem under my supervision only, and what about the later situations when they grow up and I am not there? Who ought to handle if not they?

So, here is how I thought would help me in preparing my children independent.

  • Firstly, by treating them as adults and NOT TO EVER criticize their behaviour. For example, “Don’t you know how to cook basic Maggie without me?” or “Don’t you know how to put on this shirt properly?” instead I say, “You are a big girl now, can you please make me some Maggie?” and “You are such a big boy, you surely can put on your shirt and button it yourself right?”
  • Give them acknowledgement, I mean start saying “YOU can”, “can YOU please help me?”, and “YOU did a great job, dear!”
  • Forget ‘accuracy, perfection” they surely will be messy and learn to do better every time you encourage their efforts.
  • Assign tasks which they can do. For example, “Please, can you clean your room?” and, “Can you please brush your teeth?”
  • DO NOT rush in wait until they ask for your help. Ask them how can are willing to do a particular task.
  • Do not make failure a big issue, ask them why something they tired did not work out, only then they would find the drawbacks and correct themselves.
  • Give them limited options to choose from. For instance, you are out shopping and if you ask them to choose from a whole section, they surely would feel overwhelmed. Instead, pick 5 outfits and make them choose what they like.

3. Make sure your child is an active listener.

A person, who can actively listen, is a person out to be a great leader.Active listening helps in being a better communicator, problem-solver, and empathetic!
And fostering active listening right from a young age is crucial to every child’s development, not only will they communicate well but analyse emotions, be considerate to one’s feelings but also develop a good character.

Here are some ways I thought would help my child and your child to be active listeners

  • Make sure you maintain eye contact when you talk and listen so that they will feel important and open to talk to about anything and listen to you when you speak.
  • The most important thing to do is, be an active listener yourself! Stop talking when your child starts talking. Do not just follow their words but also understand the emotions behind their words.
  • Reading stories to them is a great trick, and reading with them is all the more useful!
  • Roleplay activities are an absolute delight to have fun as well as improving their listening skills.
  • Start having conversations about things they like or are interested in and that could be anything.
  • Do direction-oriented activities and that could be cooking or fixing a broken remote. Be clear and crisp when you assign them something to do.

4. Handling your child’s boredom!

It is quite challenging to handle our child’s boredom.Sometimes, being a single parent or having an only child, it inevitably gets hard to keep them active and entertained.

When children tell that they are bored it is a signal they’re sending us, meaning that they are interested in doing other activities.

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However to the rescue, here are some ways I use to keep my children entertained

  • Asking them help with any of my work. For example, “can you help me make pizza for dinner?” “Can you help organize our living room today?”
  • Indulge them in extracurricular activities, for say, art classes, music classes, dance classes or sports!
  • Challenge them in writing a fun story and appreciate whatever they write.
  • Play with them! You could play outdoor games or indoor games! Productive board games and STEM toys are super interesting and helpful for your child!

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5. Helping their academic performance!

Academics are without a doubt important for everybody.While extracurricular activities are good for our child’s stress relief and physical fitness, academics bring in more opportunities.And motivating them to do better in their academics is a must parent duty.

Here are some important things I would like to tell you that could help your child’s academic growth.

  • Establishing the ‘when you’ rule. For example, “if you complete your homework, I will take you out for ice-cream.
  • That helps you in motivating your children to complete their duties on time.
  • Prioritizing and organizing study time and playtime is a trick. Spending an equal amount of time for all their priorities will not only help them focus but also make them responsible.
  • A study spot is best for your child to avoid distractions, in their particular make sure there are no electronic devices for their distraction.
  • If your child is not doing well, then understand the reason behind why they aren’t doing well and that could mostly because they don’t understand a particular topic well and probably need assistance.
  • Remember that your child is not lazy to study and as parents, we need to understand what is the reason behind having low grades?
  • Talking to their respective teachers and sometimes children can have dyslexia, to that meeting with an educational counsellor would be a great help to your child.
  • Introducing them to fun-learning process is will be a great benefit. STEM toys are truly apt.
    Any fun learning or STEM toy link.

6. Developing good manners!

Nurturing our child into chivalrous being can sometimes get difficult but the key is to have patience.Remember that your child isn’t a perfectionist as you but it would certainly take some time to shape them and it is a duty as a parent you cannot afford to miss.

No matter what, their behaviour will always reflect on our parenting, so here are a few ways I apply to my kids to develop good behaviour.

  • Always be realistic with your expectation. Diamond doesn’t come on day one it will surely take some time to shape one. So, be a little easy on them. Help them understand their mistakes.
  • Encourage them to participate in the strong tradition of family time! Let them plant seedlings with you or take a nice bike ride.
  • Appreciate their efforts for every right thing they do and reward your child every time he does something correctly. Make them understand that values are important.
  • Set strong ground rules. For example, “8:30 PM is your bedtime and you need to sleep by then” and if they break the rule, understand why they choose to break it.
  • MOST IMPORTANT is to be a role model yourself. Children will always learn from us and follow most of our habits, which is why they say “like parents, like a child”.
  • Talk to them in a convincing tone because every time you yell at your child or scold, our children’s feelings get hurt, sometimes they tend feel misunderstood.
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7. Detoxifying your child from using electronic devices

I am sure that all parents surely will relate to this current problem.
Looking for entertainment through electronic devices lead to a lot of dangerous complications, for say your child’s physical fitness is given less attention, addiction takes over and most importantly, makes them less empathetic and less communicative.

Sometimes, children tend to become anti-social, which is not a good thing.Here are some ways to help your child to not get addicted to electronic devices

  • Establishing a strong time limit. For say, “you are allowed to play video games for an hour after you finish your homework”
  • Introducing to fun outdoor or indoor games is quite helpful!
  • Mainly, you: yourself need stop-limit your usage. You cannot ask your child to not play video games while you are watching YouTube
  • Introduce them to reading books! Improves your child’s reading and imagination skills!
  • Another trick is to set passwords!
  • Spend more time in having a meaningful conversation or talk about anything your child prefers or a conversation about a favourite book.

8. Building good memory power in your child!

Having a strong memory power is a benefit to everyone and not just child but as parents helping our child have a good memory is beneficial.Wonders can be done when information is stored in one’s brain and fingertips, not needing to depend on other sources.

Here a few ways you could use when to help your child’s memory power

  • Feeding them walnuts, almonds are one of the ways to help a brain improve memory portion.
  • Asking your child to teach you what they learnt at school.
  • Working on their visualization skills, for example, buy playing picture difference games.
  • Playing card games! Card game link
  • Divide big information into smaller chunks.
  • Help them in making connections, by which I mean the use of mnemonics. For instance, a classic example is VIBGOR- Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green Orange, and Red.

Written By Rachana Thirukovela

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