Innovation Band Levels & BuFy$ Reward Point System

Innovation Band Levels & BuFy$ Reward Point System 2017-04-06T18:44:57+00:00

Climb Up The Innovation Ladder!!

Innovation Band Levels

Higher the Band, better the skill & capability

Level Completed Projects Accumulated BuFy$ Completed Challenges Broken Records
Keeda-Beginner-Icon-ButterflyFields  Got interested in Science, curious to learn by doing
Self Learner-Novice-Icon-ButterflyFields 6 Projects 1500 BuFy$    
Tinkerer-Intermediate-Icon-ButterflyFields 12 Projects 2500 BuFy$ 1 Challenge
Discoverer-High Intermediate-Icon-ButterflyFields 20 Projects 4000 BuFy$ 3 Challenges
InnovatorGifted-Advanced-Icon-ButterflyFields 40 Projects 7500 BuFy$ 7 Challenges 1 Record
SupremelyGifted-Rancho-Icon-ButterflyFields 60 Projects 10,000 BuFy$ 10 Challenges 3 Records
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BuFy$ – Butterfly Fields Reward Point System

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