Magnet Runner | Educational Game App


Play & explore the city of magnets. Every element is interactive and helps the child in understanding different properties of magnets, types of magnets & their real life applications. The Magnet Runner game combines the fun factor of gaming into the education system so that the children can learn the fundamental concepts in a fun & engaging manner.

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Explore the city of Magnets!

Help ZUCO & ROBO move through the city of magnets & cross the magnetic hurdles 

Discover the power of Magnets!!

See how Magnetic Cranes separate metallic wastes from dumpyards!!

Hop-in!! The MAGLEV train is about to depart

How do they make a train float in air, move at high speeds and make it safe for passenger travel??
See how do MAGLEV trains work.

Play & Learn

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“Great for kids! It’s a simple game interface, but boy you need to be attentive! Apart from learning properties of magnets, you’ll learn about different metals and their attraction to magnets. Great way to learn!”
Ravishankar Iyer
“Nice, loved it”
Rahul Prince
“Excellent app all children should download this app. Good job by butterfly fields.”
Varija Medipally
“Magnetic addition ON!!! Excellent game….. Needs quick decision making….. Challenging to play …. This game is into my list of favorites now…”
Mani Shankar
“Good For children nice.”
Anchuri Dinesh