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Editorial | Newsletter

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Reaching Out to You

Dear Reader,

This is the inaugural issue of our monthly newsletter. We are starting this newsletter as a way of keeping in touch with teachers and educationists who have been an integral part of our journey.




As most of you are aware, our guiding philosophy at Butterfly Fields has been that “hands-on learning” or “learning by doing” trumps all other forms of learning. It is fair to say that this philosophy has served us well in making all the students exposed to our methods take a quantum leap in better appreciating, understanding, learning and remembering the scientific concepts. In the process our students have realized that learning can be easy, enriching and fun. We are sure that going forward, their exposure to our pedagogy will serve them well in all their academic and professional pursuits and careers.


We hope to use this newsletter partly as an additional tool of input to enrich the teachers’ body of knowledge and their access to further sources of information. To be sure, teachers and educationists have been partnering with us well in ensuring that our vision and mission succeeds. We hope for your continued support in this regard, and wish that you would put this newsletter to good use.


We are carrying in this issue the following sections, which we hope to make regular features of our newsletter, adding more sections, as the need be, as we go along:


Teacher Corner – this section will try to give teachers an idea of our hands on learning methodology using a topic as an example.

From Director’s Desk – this section is a platform for our Director to share few experiences from his journey

 Knowledge Corner – this section has the following:

Scientist of the Month – this section covers the life and work of a scientist. This way, we can learn to appreciate and emulate the stellar achievements of these scientists.

How Stuff Works – this section details the inner workings of various gadgets and common items that we use in our day-to-day life so that the teachers can appreciate the underlying scientific concepts and pass it on to their students.


We hope you will welcome this new effort of ours to connect with you. It goes without saying you are welcome to make suggestions to improve this newsletter in any manner by writing to us at connect@butterflyfields.com.


Best Regards,

Samarender Reddy



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