Our Methodology


Our methodology, developed and refined over interactions with over 5,00,000 children, is based on the simple premise that real learning occurs when a student moves from theory to practice.

The 6-step process has been designed to help children develop critical thinking abilities – application of theory, exploration of different scenarios, deepen conceptual understanding and relate to real-life application.

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Here is an example from the solar system.

Impact of Butterfly Fields



Recent studies confirm our long-term suspicion that hands-on-learning improves performance in the Board Exams.

The 6 step Hands On Learning Method

Step 1 - Discover

The students get to know the properties of each material such as rubber, pencil, batteries etc. that they will use to build the material. This helps relate to the world around them.

Step 2 - Build

The students build the model using the material with the guidance of the teacher and a storyboard. This helps develop the skill of ‘hand-mind’ coordination.

Step 3 - Understand

The student uses the model to develop a practical understanding of the concept. This helps the student develops analytical thinking abilities.

Step 4 - Explore

The student explores different ‘what if’ scenarios in the models. This helps develop creative, imaginative abilities.

Step 5 - Connect

The student understands how the concept is used in real life. This helps develop skills for practical application.

Step 6 - Revise

The student revises the concept using the ‘concept map’. This helps remember the concept for exams and thereafter.

Average Student Retention Rates



Students remember better when they do, rather than when they learn by reading or watching audio-visuals.

Teacher Training and Evaluation Support

Before the Programme

Teachers are trained thoroughly by Butterfly Fields in the activities they will conduct in their class.

During the Programme

Facilitators regularly visit the school and provide guidance on activities if required.

After the Programme

Students are assessed by Butterfly Fields on the concepts they have learnt.