In-School Program
  • Learning by doing (Hands-on learning)
  • Our method: Build - Apply - Learn
  • Project-based learning of concepts
  • Concepts covered are from subjects Science & Math
  • Projects mapped across various curricula (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, State boards)
  • Can choose upto 10 projects per year per class
  • Assessments provided to test students understanding
  • 15-40% improvement shown in student learning outcomes


Understand In-School Program

"Such Innovative Tools mapped to the curriculum, with proper teacher orientation can lessen the burden of teachers and improve effectiveness of student learning" --Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

"Butterfly fields is doing a great job in domain of hands on learning. I personally attended the workshops, and was pretty impressed at the difference it was able to make into our cadets with its emphasis on ‘hands on learning by doing, stimulating real life scenarios, allowing for innovation and challenge converting learning science into fun and excitement’. Easy to implement, qualified trainers and good service calls for both applause and recommendation." --Captain (IN) G Rambabu, Principal, Sainik School Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh

"The kits are very creatively designed! Thank you for being flexible in scheduling the workshop" --Bethesa Jacob, Prudence International School, Tumkur, Karnataka

“Teaching and learning material is simple and safe to use. Students enjoy Science as it is taught with different activities meant for observation and inference. Thank you for your innovative and creative approach to Science.” --Shaik Sher Shah, High School Physical Science teacher, Loyola Montessori School

“This program is very useful for a teacher to teach some complicated theories. Life oriented examples makes the explanation easier.” --Ramalakshmi.A, Secondary teaching faculty, K.S.R.Akshara Academy, Thiruchengode”

"The activities are very interesting and will help to enliven an otherwise dry topic." --Devipriya Mukherjee, Main teacher, Billabong High International, Santacruz, Mumbai

“The activities were really colourful like a butterfly. Amazing and interesting!” --Pradeepa.S, Teacher, Kikani Vidya mandir

“The activities are well sequenced and are good enough to introduce a topic from scratch. Materials are also appropriate and activities are quite interesting.” --K.Shobana, Physics teacher, HLC International, Chennai”

"Excellent efforts. Teaching would become very easy." --Kumudha, Teacher, GRD School, Coimbatore

“Some topics were taught in the classroom only with Butterfly Fields’ activity kits. The activities are designed in such a way that it covers an entire topic. Thank you!” --Chanchala, Teacher, Ganges Valley School

“As a Science teacher I used to ask my students to do experiments on the topics they have learned. But only 50% of the students were taking effort to do that. This activity based learning program has benefitted the other 50% also.” --M.Geeta Rani, Senior School teacher, Siva Sivani Public School, Vizag

"If we use this we can teach in a play way method. Please provide more activities." --T.S.R.Kalyani, Math teacher, Dr.K.K.R.Gowtham’s School, Vizag

“Very good activity which creates more interest in children about the subject” --K.Parameshwari, Physics teacher, Dr.K.K.R.Gowtham’s School, Vijayawada

“Support material, work books are very good and useful for the students” --Mrs.Nirmala Devi, Delhi Public School, Nacharam

Beyond School Program
  • Learning by doing (Hands-on learning)
  • Our method: Build - Apply - Learn
  • Vacation camps: Fun-based science projects, 5 to 10 day programs
  • Year long programs: Curriculum mapped projects, 2 terms of 12 weeks each







Understand Beyond School Program

Concept Maps img

Maps out interrelations of concepts in a chapter. Great for revisions.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kits img

A box of fun-filled activities that will set you on a scientific adventure.

Cards & Games cards & gmaes

Understand and remember facts and concepts through cards and games.